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What is DATSMO?  
Just like Nissan has NISMO,  Datsun enthusiats now have DATSMO!


DATSMO is a brand for enthusiasts around the globe who eat, sleep, and breath anything Datsun/Nissan.  We are Datsun/Nissan car enthusiasts just like you.

It started when we created fun and interesting sticker/decals, t-shirts, and more for the Datsun-junky.   We eventually started making our own products simply out of needs and wants. 


We shoot our own photos (unless noted or permissions granted). Whenever you see a DATSMO logo on a photo, it was shot through our lens.  We also have the capability to edit photos, retouch, and make compositions.


The fun doesn't stop there!! We've also teamed up with companies both in the US and Japan to bring you the goods!  We like to be thought of as a "bridge" between US and Japan to keep that Datsun life thriving by connecting people from all over the world,  sharing trends and ideas, motivating fellow Datsun owners, bringing small used parts  from Japan, as well as being an authorized dealer for a few various brands.


We also stock some used items and accessories from Japan, but the inventory is always changing, so stop by often!


So what is DATSMO....not only is it a brand, it's a way of life!


For all the latest and greatest, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Datsmo is a registered trademark and is not  affiliated with Nissan/Datsun in any way shape or form...we're just like you....enthusiasts!



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